Examples by Freakalytics

Visualizing WalMart
Explore the growth of WalMart since founding through the 2000's
Bullet chart enhancements
The Accidental Analyst

Go-to charts for business analytics
Favorite charts for business analytics
Shark Tank investments
Shark Tank investments – using data to understand the Sharks
Honesty and good analytics

Honesty, the first principle of good analytics
Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8
Color, labels & sets
Treemaps, bubble charts & automatic filters
Tableau 8 video & download-treemaps, bubble charts & automatic filters

SAS versus R for business analysts

SAS versus R for business analysts
Sets for cohort analysis
Tableau 8 video & download

Forecasting & Google Analytics
Tableau 8 video & download

Tableau 8 video & download-treemaps, bubble charts, automatic filters, forecasting and Google Analytics
Circle charts or bar charts?
Best practices in visual analytics

Circle charts or bar charts? Best practices in visual analytics
Tableau reference lines, bands & distributions tutorial
Examining data over time- Netflix stock history
Dashboard design reference- print, Android & iPhone
Wimbledon winners on The Guardian DataBlog
Marimekko charts and an interactive alternative
LinkedIn IPO, analysis and insights
Compact dashboards- Wimbledon winners longevity
Washington state government salary dashboard
Explore detailed salaries by agency and department
Growth of the traditional analytics vendors
Groupon madness, estimate your profit
Wimbledon winners by ranking
Waterfall charts in Tableau
Dashboard tips by example-
bar charts as cascading filters

Agriculutural subsidies working
against the health of America???

Green activities in the daily lives of Americans
tableau public available from the iPhone
Whitepaper with Tableau, The Visual Management of Marketing Programs
Presidential election results with SAS maps and tile charts
Thoughts about “Circle-Lust Continues”
Viewing detailed tables beneath the data
with Tableau Reader

Product mix dashboard
Spotlighting in Tableau using calculated fields to highlight values
Map dashboard, state budget shortfalls for 2011
The joy of SAS Enterprise Guide
Data presentation principles
Simple Dashboard Design Strategies Presentation
Making Oil Personal Dashboard

Compact dashboards
SAT performance versus school spending dashboard
Maps to inform standard and novel approaches
Maximizing sustainability by incorporating consumer behavior & environmental expert opinion
The value of a great analyst- about $3M per year!
Effectively communicating survey data
Displaying growth rates in maps
Early review of Tableau 6
tableau public, Freakalytics featured at launch!
Tableau 7 Customer Conference features overview
Bullet chart enhancements to maximize value
Examining data over time- Netflix stock history