Show growth over time but hide the baseline in Tableau

A client asked,

What I want to show is a YoY (year over year) or WoW (week over week) comparison – however the first data point is always missing – even when the underlying data are available.

For example:
The full set of data shows a null value for 2006 – just because there is no data available to compute a comparison.
Now I want to move the date filter to start @ 2007 – and now 2007 has a null value even though we have data available to compute that metric.
” What’s the issue and how can I display only years

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Relative date filters in Tableau dashboards

relative-date-filterUsing relative date filters in Tableau dashboards are a great way to keep your dashboard up-to-date with minimal effort. They also provide the consumer with great control if you display the relative date filter as a quick filter on the dashboard, since they enable extensive customization to the time period displayed.
In this dashboard, the current and prior year are displayed. By interacting with the quick filter, you could easily adjust this to one year, two quarters or even two months of data. Give it a try.

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