Version 1.0, December 19th, 2014

FREAKALYTICS CLOUD SERVICES TERMS OF SERVICE Version 1.0, December 19th, 2014 These Freakalytics Cloud Services (referred to throughout this agreement as “Service” or “Services”) Terms of Service (referred to throughout this agreement as “ToS”) are entered into by Freakalytics LLC (referred to throughout this agreement as “Freakalytics”) and the entity executing this ToS (referred to […]

How long should my presentation be?

Always leave them wanting more! –P.T. Barnum Creator of “The Greatest Show On Earth!®” About our Presentation Length Calculator Creating compelling presentations that are clear and actionable are the lifeblood of successful analyst teams. Often, analysts have worked on problems for days or weeks and have much more material to present than is relevant or […]

Communicate Your Results, a Case Study from the
7th C of The Accidental Analyst

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere. –LEE IACOCCA Engineer on the original Ford Mustang design team and CEO during Chrysler’s comeback in the 1980’s.   From the Seven C’s of Data Analysis Framework     Maria is a Senior Sales Analyst for an […]

Open source editor for D3 data visualization

At Freakalytics, we’ve used the D3 data visualization library on several client projects and have been impressed with the nearly infinite set of graphing, charting and mapping possibilities.  Unfortunately, we were less impressed with the high learning curve, level of effort and complexity involved in developing and customizing the desired visualizations. Perhaps you have seen […]

RStudio Keyboard Quick Reference by Freakalytics

At Freakalytics, we frequently use R (often referred to as RStats) in our client projects and wanted to share our success using the RStudio Interactive Development Environment (IDE) with you. So, we created the RStudio® Keyboard Quick Reference by Freakalytics. It is available to you, compliments of Freakalytics, as a PDF and later in this […]

[datatables-css]   Keyboard shortcuts are for Windows, Linux and Mac versions of RStudio. If the Mac version differs, shortcuts for it are shown in (parentheses). On the Mac, use the Command key in place of the Ctrl key.     Receive your complimentary PDF copy of the RStudio® Keyboard Quick Reference by Freakalytics     […]

RStudio® Keyboard Quick Reference (Cheat Sheet) by Freakalytics

This valuable reference is offered free of charge for Freakalytics Newsletter Subscribers. If you complete this transaction, you will be added to our Newsletter Subscribers list and will receive our next public newsletter. If you wish to unsubscribe, you will have that option when you receive your first newsletter or at any point thereafter. [Post-Bottom-1] […]


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From Business Intelligence to Visual Analytics
Craft a Winning Data Strategy

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, Ph.D. Freakalytics, LLC Topics: Data Analysis, Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence This was originally published in the TDWI FlashPoint Newsletter in August of 2014 Italicized sections, images and their captions were not part of the TDWI version. Until recently, visual analytics was considered a niche area. Those days are quickly […]