February 2013 Newsletter

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Tableau 8 for The Accidental Analyst
A One-day Workshop

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A one-day, intensive hands-on workshop for newer users of Tableau. Using a case study approach, attendees will learn the essentials of how to use and apply the key features of Tableau to answer questions in their daily work and display their results in analytic dashboards ─ no Tableau experience required!

      + Chicago, March 18th
      + Denver, March 20th
      + Austin, March 22nd

For more information and registration, see www.AccidentalAnalyst.com.

This course was launched at the Tableau Customer Conference 2012 and 98% of attendees surveyed stated they would recommend this course to colleagues. Comments from the first workshop include:
      “Jam packed with tons of information.”
      “The step by step examples are great.”
      “Walking through thought process instead of just how to do a series of features.”
      “I liked how it was a very interactive class with how hints and tips provided.” and
      “…like the material on preparing the data.”

Better Analytics in Tableau 8 Videos

In advance of Tableau 8, Eileen and I have produced 8 analytic videos with solutions included. These videos explore a few of the many new analytic possibilities in Tableau 8.  You can view the Better Analytics in Tableau 8 videos at www.Freakalytics.com/articles

User (note that videos at the top of each article don’t require login) 
Password (this one expires on the 24th or just sign up for an account) 

Topics in Part 1
      + Multi-item color encoding
      + Multi-item data labels
      + Creating sets in Tableau 8
      + Union, intersection and partial sets; using sets in calculated fields

Topics in Part 2
      + Treemaps and packed bubble charts
      + Automatically selecting the right data for your analysis
      + Forecasting for smarter planning
      + Google Analytics on the desktop–fast, beautiful and blend it with your data

We always enjoy hearing your thoughts, feedback and ideas- please drop us a line sometime.

Best regards,
Eileen McDaniel, PhD and Stephen McDaniel
Freakalytics, LLC

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