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Tired of boring spreadsheets and data overload from confusing graphs? Master the art of rapid graphs with Tableau! Tableau is designed with one goal in mind, to give you the power to quickly explore and understand your data so that you can make informed decisions in a wide variety of real-world situations. After learning Tableau, you will be able to communicate your findings with audience-friendly graphs and tables.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a common saying that is more relevant today than ever as data volumes grow and the need for easy access to answers grows more critical. From simple yet stunning graphs to vibrant multi-graph views capable of communicating incredible insights, this book covers the core of Tableau capabilities in easy-to-follow examples, updated and expanded for Version 7. Experience the scope and breadth of this powerful application in just 15 days and go beyond the traditional limits of data presentation!

A must read for anyone interested in Tableau. Clear explanations, practical advice and beautiful examples!
Elissa Fink – Chief Marketing Officer at Tableau Software

A great work- this is going to be a much-loved book.
Marc Rueter – Senior Director of Technology, Consulting and Strategy at Tableau Software

Well written, easy to use book that has something for everyone. A great resource if you are new to Tableau… but also useful tips for advanced users as well.
Bob Morrison- Founder/CEO, Quadrant Arts Education Research and Chairman at MakeMusic

Stephen McDaniel
Stephen is passionate about helping people understand, present and take action with their data. He is author of multiple books including “SAS ® for Dummies” and has been on the Faculty of The American Marketing Association and The Data Warehouse Institute. Stephen is currently Director of Analytic Product Management at Tableau Software and Principal Analyst at Freakalytics ®, LLC.

Eileen McDaniel
Co-founder of Freakalytics, Eileen directs the development of books and course materials. She is lead author of “The Accidental Analyst ®: Show Your Data Who’s Boss“. This book provides a step-by-step analysis framework to help people who didn’t plan on a career as an analyst, but now must analyze data quickly and effectively.

Visit www.Freakalytics.com/training for analyst and Tableau training via public seminars or on-site at your organization.

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