tableau public — share your visual insights with the world!

tableau public is now available! What’s not to love? Free web hosting of your visualization and a free desktop license of tableau public, based on the award-winning, rapid data visualization tools in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. With tableau public, you can learn the breadth of Tableau while sharing your insights with the world on any blog or web site.
Freakalytics is excited to be featured on the home page of tableau public, highlighting our stock market returns dashboard!

Click here to read the details about this dashboard, from our blog post last June.

Embedding tableau public content is simple and quick. Your web site visitors will need NO software installation, since Tableau depends on native Ajax functionality used by sites like GMail. Although not officially supported in the current release, tableau public is viewable and functions interactively on the iPhone based on our simple tests!

On your Tableau journey, consider… picking up a copy of our book, “Rapid Graphs with Tableau“, available on Amazon or attending one of Freakalytics public training sessions throughout the world in 2010. If you are in graduate school or an MBA program, I strongly recommend adding visual analytics as the HOT SKILL to enhance both your class presentations and employer appeal, a skill set that will serve you well throughout almost any career!

Our public training covers Tableau for analysis, exploration and dashboard development. Equally important, our public training covers good design principles for data presentation, visual data exploration and dashboard design- based on the works of Stephen Few and Freakalytics. While many other training programs for other BI tools cover just the basics of their product in three days, you can gain a working knowledge of all major Tableau functionality and solid analytic principles in just three days.

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