Free Access to Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8–Chapter 5

Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8
The Original Guide for the Accidental Analyst

Rapid_Graphs_Tableau_8_Freakalytics_Copyright_346_433We are pleased to provide free access to our book for all site members. It is also available as a printed book on Amazon. The home page for this release is here.

Read Chapter 5 (pages 79-96)

     Advanced view types in Tableau-79
          Scatter Plots—explore relationships-82
          Circle Plots—go beyond bar charts-83
               Circle views-83
               Side-by-side circles-86
               Packed Bubbles-87
          Maps—great for location data-88
               Symbol maps-88
               Filled maps-89
201307_Quick_Dirty_Tableau_8_Freakalytics_086          Area Charts—track multiple groups over time-90
          Dual combination-95
          Gantt Chart—track activity over time-96

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