Free Access to Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8–Chapter 4

Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8
The Original Guide for the Accidental Analyst

Rapid_Graphs_Tableau_8_Freakalytics_Copyright_346_433We are pleased to provide free access to our book for all site members. It is also available as a printed book on Amazon. The home page for this release is here.

Read Chapter 4 (pages 59-78)

     Core view types in Tableau-59
          Tables—an eye for detail-62
               Text tables-62
               Highlight tables-64
               Heat maps-65
          Bar Charts—five flavors
               to meet your needs-66
               Horizontal bars-67
               Stacked bars-69
201307_Quick_Dirty_Tableau_8_Freakalytics_073               Side-by-side bars-70
               Bullet graphs-72
          Line Charts—display what
               happened over time-73
               Lines (continuous)-73
               Lines (discrete)-74
          Percent-of-Total—contribution of categories
               to the overall amount-75
               Pie charts-75

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