Tableau Online Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Stack_Money_Flickr_artist_in_Doing_NothingWith our new cost of ownership calculator, you can estimate the number of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Desktop Pro, Tableau Online and Tableau Reader (free!) licenses to obtain for your specific needs. You can even calculate one-year and three-year estimates of cost to have Tableau at your organization, purchase consulting services and train your team.

To illustrate, the 3 Year Total Cost of Ownership, consulting and training inclusive, for a department of 30 is around $45,000. A larger deployment to a business unit with 500 people would total approximately $696,000. A 3 person company could get by for just $12,500. Start using our calculator now and make a smarter choice about your analytic investment!

All information used in this calculator is derived from public sources and believed to be reliable for scenario comparison purposes as of July of 2013. Actual pricing should be obtained through normal channels used by your organization. Tableau Online versus Tableau Server hosted at your company has two big differences: 1) you can only use data that has been moved to your cloud server with Tableau Online, this could cause delays of hours or days depending on the practicality of your technology infrastructure, 2) Tableau Server hosted at your company will require data center space, server purchase and additional IT support (these costs have been estimated and added in the calculator.) At around 100-300 web users, you should consider switching to Tableau Server hosted at your organization, which will likely be more cost-effective with a flat fee for the Server instead of a per-user fee for Online.

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