Alteryx Inspire 2013 Tableau Talk

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Download the presentation Picture This! Your Data in Tableau.

Watch my big data talk here and download the example workbooks here (requires Tableau 8 to open).

Attending this conference was a great experience. Based on multiple customer discussions at the conference, Alteryx is a great product for personal data integration, data enrichment and predictive analytics. Some amazing things we saw in Alteryx includes upcoming direct integration with the Tableau Data Engine, interactive location mapping to generate demographic profiles in Tableau, support of Revolution R 3.0 and integration with social data API’s including Yelp, Google + and Facebook.

The presentation includes s a screenshot of one of the marketing performance dashboards built in Tableau. It was based on data built with Alteryx. Alteryx was used for data integration, data enrichment and predictive modelling of customer likelihood to respond to future coupon offers. Enrichment included fuzzy matching of customer demographics using Alteryx-bundled 3rd party data sources from Experian.

If you are looking for a great compliment to Tableau, I recommend that you consider Alteryx.

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