Make my day… obtain insights with SAS graphs in minutes!

To all you long-time users of SAS out there, why are you continuing to write the arcane code  required to make graphs with SAS programming?   I remember the pain of scanning the nearly 1,000 pages of GRAPH manuals to locate just the right options to tweak my graphs for business presentations.   Many days, I wanted to ditch it all and just fall back to Harvard Graphics for all of my graphs (yes, this was quite some time ago!)   Consider  using SAS Enterprise Guide and save yourself many sleepless nights and get the easy ability to export to Office seamlessly.

I have uploaded a .ZIP file with multiple graph samples, the original EG 4.1 project (which assumes access to the EG sample data library, named EGSample in this project), and the exported SAS code that would have been needed to do this from SAS code.   I accessed my data, manipulated it, created the graphs, and refined them, and exported them to Word  in under an hour (I also was interrupted by a phone call.)   There are many more graph types and options in Enterprise Guide, so I choose some of the more frequently used ones in my daily work.

So go ahead, make your life easier and actually start using the SAS GRAPH license so many of you have access to but have underutilized for so long!

The Word documents stand-alone are available here (sorry Mac users, I am using ActiveX graphs in this example which requires Windows- you can still use this with JPEG or GIF's, they just aren't as attractive):

NOTE: due to file upload guidelines of WordPress, I uploaded my .ZIP file  examples with the .doc extension, you must manually change this extension to .zip in order to access the attached examples.   Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!)   Here is the attachment: EG Presentation Quality Graphs for Office (You must change the file extension from .doc to .zip to use this  file)

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