Can LE 2.0 or EG 2.1 be used with SAS for Dummies?

Question: from a reader in Sweden


Just saw on Amazon that this new book is available. I know the examples in it are from using Enterprise Guide 4.1, but I have the Learning edition 2.0 which includes Enterprise Guide 2.1. Can I still use the book, or are these versions of Enterprise Guide very different?

Answer: from Stephen

They are significantly different.   You could still do most of the examples with the old version, but it will require some work on your part to figure out the differences.   Sorry!   That said, Learning Edition 4.1 is a good fit, buy it at Amazon.


EG 3.0 is much more like the work in the book, but is still somewhat different.   EG 2.1 is the "older EG technology" that was adapted for SAS 9.


Also covered in the book is the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 2.1 and Web Report Studio 3.0.   These products could be reviewed with any version and SAS for Dummies (there is one chapter for each of these products.)   (NOTE added 9/3 from a reader- I thought I would mention that SAS Learning Edition will not  one access  to the Add-in to Microsoft office nor Web Report Studio.   To use these, you must have access to SAS BI Server which is not part of SAS Learning Edition.)

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