SAS for Dummies a new textbook at Duke Med School

SAS for Dummies is being used at Duke University Medical School as  one of two  texts for a course on Introduction to Statistical Methods.   See   The program the book is being used in is described as:

"... provides academic training in the quantitative and methodological principles of clinical research. Designed primarily for clinical fellows who are training for academic careers, the program offers formal courses in research design, research management, medical genomics, and statistical analysis."

I have to say this is somewhat of a surprise at first, but the two chapters I wrote on analytics are pretty broad, practical, and thought-provoking for people new to analytics.   Those two chapters were very hard to write (along with the graphics chapter), but are  the most unique chapters in the book.   Having worked with many MD's and PhD's in pharmaceutical research, it is clear to me why using a book like this is a good choice.   Most MD's want to understand the overall study meaning rather than becoming expert at statistics.   To help them understand the broad array and basic interpretation of the many statistics they are presented in their careers is indeed an honor.

If you  happen to SAS for Dummies  in use at other universities, please pass it on!

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