SAS for Dummies

Whether you are a grad student, business analyst, statistician, or even a long time user of SAS software- SAS for Dummies (available at Amazon for 34% off full retail) offers quick access to a vast survey of practical knowledge using the new and exciting world of SAS 9. If you are using the latest version of SAS Learning Edition (version 4.1- available from Amazon for 15% off full retail), this book also makes a perfect companion since it covers SAS Enterprise Guide and the same release of SAS 9.

Like many Dummies books, it is an introduction that will get you moving forward and make you productive in short order. SAS products covered include SAS 9, SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 2.1, SAS Web Report Studio 3.1, data warehousing with SAS, statistical analysis with SAS, forecasting with SAS, and data mining with SAS. After using this book, you may be inspired to read further on areas of greater importance to you (see my Other Books page for great reviews and recommendations.)

SAS for Dummies is very different from most SAS books since it does not focus on just one topic, such as data management, survival analysis, or SAS programming. Instead, I offer you key points and capabilities for a broad range of areas needed to access your data, manage your data, create reports and summaries, make awesome graphs, and get you started on the path of analytics guru!

Adobe Acrobat PDF excerpts of the book are available here (note that they each open in a new browser window):

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