PowerTrip Analytics™ 2014
Tableau Cost

043_Tableau_Dashboard_by_FreakalyticsTableau Desktop and Team Cloud

Desktop/Authoring Client
$1,000 for one desktop user in first year and $2,000 for three years (this version is limited in the range of data sources it can use, but otherwise unrestricted)

Personal cloud
Personal cloud an additional $500 in first year and additional $1,500 for three years

Small team cloud
$3,000 for one desktop user and five cloud users in first year and $8,000 for three years

+ Wide range of commonly useful data connections including cloud-based data providers like Salesforce and Google.

+ Clean, crisp graphics by default.

+ A moderate learning curve to obtain good results.

+ Wide range of business analytic scenarios can be addressed with calculations, table calculations and other data management features.

+ Automated forecasting is very flexible and useful for business planning.


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