Letter of introduction from Tableau Software—
Founding Tableau Education Partners

As of March of 2013, Freakalytics is the only independent Tableau training team that has written books on Tableau, taught courses endorsed by Tableau, certified people on behalf of Tableau and taught at multiple Tableau conferences.   We still teach the original Complete Tableau Training Program (four days) that helped hundreds around the world become Tableau Certified Professionals.   Additionally, we have also authored two more Tableau courses—a one-day course specifically focused on Tableau Dashboard Design and a two-day intensive course, sold out at Tableau’s 2012 San Diego Conference, Tableau 8 for the Accidental Analyst.   Our courses are exclusive to Freakalytics.

Excerpt from the letter of introduction:


2009-tableau-logoTableau Software
837 N 34th St, Suite 200
Seattle WA 98103



Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, Ph.D.
Freakalytics LLC
3518 Fremont Ave N # 406
Seattle, WA 98103

To whom it may concern,

Stephen and Eileen McDaniel are the owners of Freakalytics, LLC. Their firm is our sole worldwide educational partner for Tableau Software. Tableau Software is incorporated in the United States and is recognized as one of the fastest growing software companies in the world and is a member of the Inc 500. Some of our international customers include the London School of Economics, University College- Dublin, Oxford University, the Government of Canada, redacted non-public Tableau reference, Barclays Global, redacted non-public Tableau reference, British Red Cross,  redacted non-public Tableau reference,  Nestle.

Stephen and Eileen are recognized as leading international authorities on our software and travel extensively on behalf of our company to assist customers regarding installation, debugging and proper software usage via public educational seminars. They are published authors on Tableau Software with the best-selling book on our product.   They frequently travel to present at Tableau User Groups and to provide expert level advice (not otherwise attainable) for organizations across the world.

Yours sincerely,
Elissa Fink

Vice President of Marketing
Tableau Software, Inc.

Click here for the full letter of introduction, from October of 2009. Read more about Freakalytics here. Signature intentionally distorted and pixelated.