Join us at the 1st Tableau European Customer Conference!

We hope to see you at the upcoming Tableau Conference in Amsterdam, May 9th-11th.   Amsterdam should be beautiful in early May along with a slate of exciting conference speakers including Stephen Few, Christian Chabot, Chris Stolte, Jock Mackinlay, Elissa Fink, Marc Rueter and other great people from Tableau.   Freakalytics will be teaching our one-day dashboard workshop on the 9th along with two other workshop opportunities.
Designing, Building & Maintaining Dashboards with Tableau
1-day Workshop
Led by Stephen McDaniel
Dashboards are an ideal means of sharing key findings with Tableau. Achieving great success with dashboards requires a variety of skills- communication, analysis, visual design, data management and Tableau expertise. This one-day session uses a case study approach, integrating lecture with hands-on experience.

+ Framing dashboard efforts with a solid understanding of business needs
+ A review of dashboard types, typical challenges, best practices and examples of good and poor dashboards
+ A detailed review of Tableau functionality relevant to dashboard development and deployment
+ Multiple dashboard case studies will be jointly developed and reviewed throughout the course

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