Creating a data-driven culture in your company

A great summary of key requirements to build a data-driven culture, by Chris Stolte, Tableau co-founder:

1. Don’t fear the user,
2. Encourage corporate curiosity,
3. Manage to the outliers,
4. Measure, experiment and then measure again, and
5. Build trust and understanding.

I would add two more points, one of which Chris is too modest to state,

6. From my experience working at Netflix, no matter the level of decision-maker, ask them for the data to back up their decision and to examine the results of their decisions.
7. Deploy Tableau in your business- speed of insight is critical to the value of data in many business needs. Tableau quickly delivers beautiful insights that are understandable by all of your employees. There is no other application like it!

Read the article and see Chris's comments first hand.

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