Your favorite Freakalytics blog posts of 2009!

Number 6
Waterfall chart examples with detailed instructions on creating them with your own data in Tableau
Waterfall Chart in Tableau and a Superior Alternative…

Number 5
Do your New Year's resolutions have you wondering where your money goes@f11 Here's a snapshot of the average American and their spending habits
How the average American spends their income

Number 4
Trying to figure out how to share customer segmentation and lifetime value insights with your business team?
Customer Segmentation and Lifetime Value Analysis

Number 3
Where's all that oil money going@f12 Which countries are very dependent on oil imports@f13 Which countries have so much oil their citizens will never need to work@f14
Visual Metrics to Inform: Petro-Wealth Importance by Region and Country

Number 2
A shocker at number 2 since this post is several years old, a testament to the popularity of SAS and the power of SAS Enterprise Guide,
The Joy of SAS Enterprise Guide

Number 1
And, the top blog post with props to Ellie Fields and Chris Stolte at Tableau for their strong editorial review and support, a 100 year dashboard of S&P stock returns and the historic investing environment S&P Composite Stock Market Returns Dashboard

Wishing all of you a happy, successful 2010! Thanks to our many customers and readers for all of your support! Finally, a special thanks to all of our friends at Tableau Software and SAS!

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