tableau public available from the iPhone, with interactivity — amazing!

Here is a screenshot from my iPhone of my recently posted S&P composite dashboard with tableau public!
tableau public from iPhone

It's truly amazing that the new tableau public product works wonderfully with every major desktop web browser. However, I was surprised to view tableau public from an iPhone. Even more surprising, I could use much of the interactivity without a mouse or keyboard! Kudos to the Tableau Software engineering team.

This feat is even more impressive when you consider that many popular web charting apps, like Google Finance are static on the iPhone. Google Analytics displays empty boxes in place of your expected graphs.

It all comes down to Tableau's excellent engineering choice to use Ajax instead of Adobe Flash, which is still unavailable on the iPhone. That said, I love Adobe Flash apps on and, to name a few. I hope Apple and Adobe can get this corrected soon.

Google Analytics - where did my graph go?
Google Analytics iPhone

Google Finance static quotes fairly unappealing, good thing the iPhone has a great stock app
Google Finance iPhone 2

Please note that Tableau does not officially support the iPhone browser. However, it may be a viable route for delivering critical (and thoroughly tested!) views and dashboards to people frequently away from the office.

As one of the first users of tableau public, Freakalytics can help you launch tableau public for your organization! Please contact us at

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