Dashboard tips by example- bar charts as cascading filters

Dashboard tips by example- bar charts as cascading filters

This dashboard, a Customer Sales Dashboard for a boutique winery, offers a strategic view of key questions asked by winery management. Information displayed includes sales attributed to various marketing programs, estimated profits by customer segment and number of customers acquired by year.

Using a series of cascading filters based on key customer attributes such as year acquired and average discount for sales by customer, you can control the view by displaying or hiding various subsets of customers. This example utilizes Tableau “Actions” to power this impressive capability.

Instead of simple filters that only show the available customer attribute values as a quick filter, you can visually understand sales revenue by filter category. Equally important, the filters “cascade” to show the changing sales amounts in the lower (cascaded) filters based on your current selections.

To filter the data, click on any part of the bar charts in the left side of the dashboard. To select multiple bars at once, simply left-click and drag over multiple bars. To select non-contiguous bars, use the CTRL key and your left mouse button.

Download the Tableau workbook here.