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Stephen McDaniel, Chief Data Officer AdvisoryDecades of success using data to make better decisions and greater profits

Hello, I’m Stephen McDaniel, co-founder of Freakalytics. I have helped more than two hundred companies increase revenues, attract more customers and earn greater profits by bringing together people, systems and data to solve core challenges facing these businesses. My experience spans capturing the right data, building a business-centric data warehouse, hiring and training strong analysts, selecting the right technologies to work for you and applying advanced approaches to analyzing these problems. As a unique compliment to my industry experience, I have designed and led development of cutting-edge analytic products at leading software companies such as SAS, Oracle, Brio Technology and Tableau Software. I am also on the Faculty of INFORMS, The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) and the American Marketing Association.

Many companies I have worked with have over-invested in analytic technologies and data systems relative to the proper investment in people who can confidently use and obtain the maximum value from these investments. Why does this happen? It’s simple, two of the three have sales teams and marketing dollars advocating for them! My approach addresses this imbalance by building projects that are targeted at achieving a strategic goal of the executive leadership in an iterative fashion while coaching and enhancing your team’s ability to execute on future projects. Ultimately, data success is driven by easy access to more sources by more people with the right blend of business and analytic expertise.
Clients speak out about their experience with Freaklytics
“Eileen and Stephen, we very much appreciate the time that you spent last week working the BI team. You opened our eyes to new paths and the overall confidence of the team has increased – not bad for 3 days of interaction.

Thanks for your latest work on the new executive dashboard. We have it up on the big screen by the elevator at HQ –
very impressive work!

Marc Pujda
CIO at Advance America, part of Grupo Elektra
Marc’s team and colleagues have worked with Eileen and Stephen on several engagements – from team training to data strategy to
executive dashboard design and development

Consulting Projects and Data Workshops

Clients hire me for a wide range of issues, resulting in significant improvements in data ROI for their businesses.

Spread the Data!Spread the Data Plan™
You’ve invested millions in your data platform, tools and teams. How can you optimize the performance of these teams, especially as wider groups of the company need access to these vital resources? Has your data been designed for efficiency of the analyst teams, especially the Accidental Analysts® that are spreading throughout corporate life. How healthy is your data platform? As you probably already know, the health of your data and ease of access dictates your data team’s future success.

A typical $1B client earns $1M of incremental return per year from a Spread the Data Plan. Many of these projects result in a $2M-$4M return based on broader measurement. Let’s get started!

Tableau-8-Accidental-Analyst-330-440.gifAccidental Analyst® Workshops
This intensive hands-on workshop covers the essentials of how to use and apply proven data management and analytics techniques to answer questions and solve problems encountered in daily work, using a framework called The Seven C’s of Data Analysis. These techniques are reinforced in multiple case studies throughout the course. Specifically, students will develop skills in many areas key to successful analysis and actionable results.

Attendees report increased productivity, executing future projects in less time with much higher returns on their analytic work. Register for upcoming workshops in Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Online or San Jose.

Data Infrastructure Advisement
Hands-on advisor helping map a new course for a struggling data warehouse and analytics infrastructure by optimizing it, building upon it and crafting a new strategic systems architecture for a next generation real-time analytics and data warehouse platform. Collaborated closely with client IT and business leaders to create a 3 year data plan involving $12M of investment and delivery to 20 analysts, hundreds of managers and thousands of line-of-business consumers. Co-led iterative data warehouse design at the cutting edge of the project including proof of model via statistical analysis and dashboard development.

Analytic performance improvements of 10-20x were delivered across multiple project teams. Access was scaled from tens of users to thousands of users while improving capability, awareness and flexibility of the overall data platform. Let’s get started!

Data Conundrums
Provided quantitative leadership across the entire organization by introducing and refining new analytic techniques that drove the business forward, solving multiple million dollar + problems that had stymied other teams, often in a matter of days or weeks. Let’s get started!

Customer Lifetime Valuation and Segmentation
Architected and implemented a framework for estimating lifetime value at the customer level across millions of subscribers. Part of this effort included pioneering an advanced, integrated view of every customer using a wide array of metrics and key indicators. A second part included segmentation and leveraging this information to refine channel acquisition and customer management strategies.

Overall impact was efficiency gains of 80% on $60M in direct marketing spend and acceleration of high-value customer acquisition via selective re-targeting. Let’s get started!

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