Three great data visualization stories from Qlik World 2014

At the Qlik World 2014 expert data visualization panel, moderated by Donald Farmer, Donald asked each panelist to offer up one of our favorite data visualizations for inspiration and learning.     Alberto Cairo, Visualization at The University of Miami, offered up John Snow’s 1854 map of London that helped demonstrate that cholera was spread […]

Shark Tank investments – using data to understand the Sharks

Using data from the first four seasons of the Shark Tank, Freakalytics has assembled a few fascinating insights for fans and potential entrepreneurs that may come before the Sharks in future seasons. While Barbara Corcoran is the most frequent investor. Mark Cuban is the investor with the largest amount invested and Mr. Wonderful invests the […]

Test text, images, slides, video, Tableau Public and calc

This is a web testing page, just a test. Text here Image here Slides here Video here Download the multi-item color encoding workbook (requires Tableau 8) Tableau Public here Calc here [Post-Bottom-1] [Mail-Chimp-Signup] [Post-Bottom-2]

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Great vs good analysts, software obsessions and informing executives

Charts and graphs to inform Are your charts and graphs actually informing people? Can I actually make a decision from your presentation? If not, why should I or the executives care? Cool software, but what about the business? It’s easier to obsess over the complex but oh so cool software features than to truly understand […]

Honesty, the first principle of good analytics

  Meet Dieter Rams – Industrial Designer Dieter Rams is a German industrial designer most closely associated with the minimalist designs of the consumer brand Braun. Dieter was head of design at Braun for over 30 years, where he became famous for creating an austere aesthetic while focusing on user-friendliness. His philosophy is summed up […]


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Build a Basic Dashboard in Tableau 8
Excerpt from Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8

Appendix #2—Build a Basic Dashboard We’ve taught entire courses on how to design and build dashboards in Tableau over multiple days, so the topic can be quite complex. In this section, you will learn the basic functionality so you can get started. For more advanced dashboards, visit Dashboard Audience VP of Sales at a […]