Examining data over time, part 1- Netflix stock price history presented 7 ways

Freakalytics Netflix NFLX Stock Price Growth as bars

It is fascinating how much information you can uncover with just a few years of price data in Tableau. In this example, we use just two data items to examine the history of Netflix stock price (NASDAQ NFLX.) The data items used are date and closing price, adjusted for splits.

Simple annual review


Switch color coding based on year-over-year price growth



Show monthly growth against prior month, highlighting best & worst monthsFreakalytics-Netflix-3

Also, several historic events are called out on this chart with annotations



Divide the chart into annual panes
Emphasis on best and worst months each year



Switching to a "pure" growth emphasis
This eliminates the "baseline effect" problem



Switch from a line to a bar chart of monthly price growth
Much easier to read individual values, find outliers



Deemphasize the bars
Emphasize annual averages of the monthly growth rate



We hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of possibilities with better ways to explore data over time. It's all a matter of what is your question and which display approach will best inform your audience.

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