Marimekko charts and an interactive alternative for a broad audience

A Marimekko chart created in Tableau by Joe Mako, inspired by Jon Peltier

Joe Mako recently created a Tableau version of a Marimekko char inspired by an example from Jon Peltier, an Excel charting expert.

When I first saw this chart, I was curious as to the utility of this chart type for regular business decision-makers.   I agree that for advanced analysts, it can offer a compact, contained means to present information across two categorical items (dimensions in Tableau) and metric (a measure in Tableau.)   You can see this in the Marimekko chart created by Joe Mako in the left half of the dashboard below. When you examine the Marimekko chart you can see the dominant cities and the relative share of each segment within each city.   You can also select the city names above the view to highlight a specific city.   For example, you can easily discern that Almond Lovers are the biggest group of customers for this company and Delicious-n-new are the smallest group.

However, it is somewhat challenging to ascertain within Gainesville, FL which segment is the largest and smallest for this city.   If you hover over each Gainesville, FL value in the original chart, you will see that two segments are identical in size; this is very hard to see without the hover values.   This is due to the varying width and length dimensions for each tile in the chart.

After considering this interesting example,

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LinkedIn (NYSE symbol LNKD) IPO, analysis & insights from their SEC filing and estimates

LinkedIn, undervalued and underloved?

After examination of the data against peers, I believe LinkedIn is priced for great growth potential in the coming years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an IPO and they can be very volatile. However, I prefer to make my investments in companies based on long-term outlook rather than speculate on short-term trading gains.

It is estimated that LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) will price at $42-$45 per share tomorrow, valuing the company at $4.1B which implies approximately 94.5M shares in float. Based on revenue over the past 4 quarters, this values LinkedIn at 14.1 times revenue (Price/Sales).

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Rapid Graphs with Tableau 6 – Kindle, Amazon or CreateSpace

Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software 6Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software Amazon Kindle Logo

A complimentary preview of the 1st two chapters, the table of contents and the book index is available for download here.

NOTE- the book is now available at Amazon, after correcting logistical issues.

Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software 6 is now available for purchase on Amazon in print and in e-book format for Kindle readers – on the Kindle device, PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone! Note that the print version has slightly better layout and readability due to the graphic-intensive nature of this book and the automated layout of e-book readers. This e-book is published in color for Kindle users on the PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Kindle device readers may have difficulty interpreting some of the graphs due to the native black and white reading experience.

This update from the 1st version of the book required changes across nearly every page and significantly expanded the size of the book with coverage of many new features added- both from Tableau 6 and earlier releases. Other additions include an index and expanded examples in several chapters.

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TCC EU 2011- Data Visualization with Stephen Few

Pie charts by Homer, the real reason everyone loves pie, it isn't the ability to see the data...

Stephen Few, Author, Founder of Perceptual Edge and Lecturer at University of California at Berkeley

Some comments are the opinion of Freakalytics and not
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There is no way to easily weave data into knowledge…
Are we enlightening our audience or frustrating our audience?
Data and the use of data are the sexy jobs of the next decade

A video with Hal Varian at UC- Berkeley and Google was shown in an interview
– Managers should be able to examine the data themselves
– Old organizations required armies of people for leaders to see the data
– Instead, we should enable access to the data for everyone

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TCC EU 2011- Premier of Tableau 6.1- Developers on Stage

Chris Stolte, Chief Development Officer, Tableau (co-founder, Tableau Software)- on-stage
Dan Jewett, VP of Product Management
Francoise Ajenstat, Director of Product Management

Some comments are the opinion of Freakalytics and not necessarily those of Tableau

This content is live blogged; there may be occasional errors or omissions.

Mission of dev team- “Help people see and understand their data.”
Make data fun
, anathema too many, but key to using data throughout the organization and entire decision-making process
Four key areas of investment for 6.1

Data performance
Sharing via mobile optimization with iPad
Localizing and globalizing the products- French and German
User experience- make every step easy, fast and fun!

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TCC EU 2011- Tableau Server Scaling and Performance Best Practices

With Dan Jewett, VP of Product Management, Tableau
(Dan and Stephen previously worked together at Brio in the late 90’s)

Some comments are the opinion of Freakalytics and
not necessarily those of Tableau

This content is live blogged; there may be occasional errors or omissions.

Server config
Database or data engine@f21
Workbook optimizations for Server publishing

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